And here comes the “Go to the People Youth Camp ” a flagship program by YuMetta Foundation. This camp was held at Prayog Ashram just as the first camp. It was 7 days long. The camp was full of lively and energetic youths. Camp began with GTP and planned to lead into LTP. Each and every youth was ready to give an arm and a leg to enter LTP. And ultimately after 3 days of GTP all the enthusiastic youth entered in LTP. Of course all the seven days were full of learning , sharing and brainstorming and it’s accompanied with a visit from some of the amiable friends. Their sessions and sharing gently pushed all of them to understand themselves better and striving them to a journey outward.
This third and the last camp of the first batch was long awaited as it was happening after 6 months. Everyone met each other after a long time and it was a reunion of several friends. Unison of old friends and the arrival of new friends from distant states was a picturesque moment. This circle compelled me to think about friendship, trust and authenticity in relations. Inclusion and sincere friendship regardless of so-called parameters of the society  was giving the true feeling of universal friendship. In a nutshell this program was well intentioned to sprout the sensitivity of self awareness including the awareness of surrounding.Thus, showing them the path to pay back to society.

Thanks Akriti for your words.