Proposed structure of camps within GTP:-

Number of camps: 2 camps
1st Camp – 23 -28 Aug 2021
2nd Camp- Feb / March 2022 (depending on exams of participants.)

Number of participants:  60
Duration of camp: 6 days
1st camp- Prayog Aashram “Ekta Parishad”, Tilda, Raipur (C.G.)
2nd camp- To be declared soon

Selection process:
Step 1 – Interested participants can fill the application form. To download application form from the website click here. The application form will be available in Jan 2020.
Step 2 –
The participants will send a completely filled application form to GTP support team by email ( ), google form or post before July 2021.
Step 3 –
GTP team will screen these forms and will select around 200 participants for interview in April 2021.
Step 4 –
Selected participants will be assessed during interview in May 2021.
Step 5 –
Final selection list of 60 participants will be declared in July 2021 end.