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Nilima Jorwar 

Name: Nilima Jorwar
Photographer, Writer and Researcher
Education – Masters in Sociology and English Literature (University of Pune)
Books Published- BAKHAR RANBHAJYANCHI (Book on Wild Vegetables), MILLET JADUI DHANY  (Book on ancient grains-Millets) Both in Marathi Language

Currently working as a Managing Director, Kalsubai Millet Farmers Pro.Co.Ltd.  based in Akole taluka of district Ahemadnagar in Maharashtra(india). She is the founder of this compony aiming to conserve Millets, traditional seeds of Rice, pulses and other vegetables. There are 250 marginal, dry land , tribal farmers whom the compony is work with.
Through this FPC, there are healthy value added products from Millets, Forest fruits and other traditional crops. It gives good price for farm produce and healthy option for urban consumers.
She also arranges Millet Festivals, Nature camps and Cooking show to promote Millets and Tribal Food Culture.

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