Are you sensitive about problems around you and looking for ways, companionship and guidance to work on it?
Do you want to meet a whole new community of like-minded people?
Do you feel alienated from the crowd and want to engage in something meaningful ?
Are you fed up of the rat race for routine life and you are searching for something more meaningful?
Well !! If your answer to any of these question is YES, then you are on right page.
So if you think you belong here, you are absolutely welcome.
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Go To The People Camp is an initiative by YuMetta Foundation for sensitive and restless youths who want to bring a positive change in themselves and also in the society. This camp aims to help youths to shape their idea and understanding about self, about the challenges in the society and various ways to tackle those challenges, both individually and collectively. The approach of these camps will be learning by doing in which brain storming and activity based learning both will be equally emphasized.

Go to the people Live among them Learn from them Love them Start with what they know Build on what they have.

Of the best leaders the people only know that they exist; The next best they love and praise; the next they fear; And the next they revile. When they do not command the people’s trust, Some will lose faith in them, And then they resort to recriminations! But of the best, when their task is accomplished, their work done, The people all remark, “We have done it ourselves!” - Old Chinese Poem