“MIND TALKIES” A Traveling Youth Mental Health Film Festival

India faces a significant burden of mental and behavioural disorders with every sixth Indian needing mental help. However the treatment gap for different mental health disorders ranges from 70%-92%.
In India, the alarming statistic of one student committing suicide every hour highlights the pressing need for mental health support, especially during adolescence which is a crucial period determining one’s career and lifestyle.The challenges of mental health in youth are increased by competition, lack of access to the resources, and systemic determinants leading to various mental illnesses and impacting their social, occupational, and interpersonal relationships.
For many years mental health has been viewed through an individualistic perspective without taking into consideration of the factors like gender, sexuality, religion, age, caste, class, ability and disability. In order to fully understand mental health, we must acknowledge the impact of inequality, discrimination and violence both at an individual and community level. It is crucial to understand that an individual’s identity is not a weakness or a problem rather it is societal discrimination and marginalisation against certain identities and communities while privileging and dominating others.
Addiction is a many layered issue which has been associated with black and white, right and wrong. Our approach to dealing with addiction has failed to take emotional, genetic and social factors into account that we can addicted to things other than substances like alcohol and drugs. It is important to deepen our understanding of this global concern to effectively address it.
In light of this, it is important to raise awareness and challenge superstitions surrounding mental health. Movies can play a vital role in creating spaces for conversations about mental health and mental illness.
To promote greater awareness of mental health issues YuMetta Foundation has presented “MIND TALKIES” A Traveling Youth Mental Health Film Festival , where we select a powerful short films and movie clips. By engaging with these stories we hope to build a more inclusive and equitable approach to mental health.
Mind Talkies is a one day Traveling Youth Mental Health Film Festival, where we mainly focus on mental health of the college going student.
In our society of many diversities and identities, it is inevitable, we face both internal and external stressors when conflicting ideas come into contact. Hence it is vital we develop the necessary coping skills to handle and manage stressors.

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