YuMetta is an initiative for Paying Back To The Society in our own capacity & ways.

All the members & well-wishers of YuMetta are volunteers who do their routine jobs and strive to pay back to the society by contributing their time, money and skills.

You can also be a part of our mission and our team to alleviate suffering around the world and work towards spreading Happiness, Hope & Friendship together for the betterment of the society.

You can contribute to various initiatives with you Time , Skills and Money. We will try to help you find going on around your area and help you join and help you join those initives according to your choice and preferences try to help you find the work going on around your area and help you join those initiatives according to your choice and preferences. 

If you want to support us with your time / Money / Skills , enroll in the following link –


 You can contribute monetarily in the following activities conducted by YuMetta Foundation:-

  1. Go To The People Youth Camp
  2. Investment in Humans ( I2H ) Gratitude Fellowship
  3. Hopeline
  4. Project Ashoka
  5. COVID-19 Response
  6. Disaster Response
  7. Need Based Activities
  8. Pay-Back-To-The-Society

We are registered under 12A and 80G. 

For all the donations , 50% TAX EXEMPTION will be made under section 80G of the IT Act (1961). 

While Donating, you need to provide following details –  ( As per new government regulations )

  • Full Name
  • Mention your  Mobile number
  • Email ID
  • PAN Card Number
  • Address

Click on any of the initiative you want to support monetarily. 

Donation Via Payment Gateway

Donation Via Yumetta Member