1. If I fill the application form, does it means i am selected for the camp?
    Ans – No. Once your application form reaches the GTP support team, it will be screened. Then most deserving candidates will be shortlisted for interview among all the application form. And based on the interview 60 final participants will be selected for the camp.
  2. When will be the exact dates of camp?
    Ans- It will be declared soon. 1 st camp will be in month of July 2020. 2nd camp will be 6 months after the first camp. The camp dates will be finalized considering the exam schedule of various selected candidates.
  3. What will be the cost of the camp?
    Ans- The camp is highly subsidised for the participants. The candidate has just to pay around 1000 rs once the final list is out to confirm his/her participation. This should be paid before the camp. This 1000 rs will be for payment of food and lodging for 6 days. The candidate has to travel to the camp venue by their own expenses. If any selected candidate has some financial problem, they can write to us for financial assistance.

4. Who will be the resource person for the camp?
Ans – The candidates gets a unique opportunity to interact with various resource person who are experts in the field of Health, Education , Administration , Agriculture, etc.