Probable Outcomes

At the end of the camps, the participant will develop more understanding of themselves, their physical & psychological processes, knowing emotions, along with their drives, aspirations, etc.

The participant will get basic understanding of soft skills like values, leadership, management, administration and other needs of participants emerging from time to time.

The participants will also develop a basic understanding about their dreams and will develop more clarity about their confusions in career and life.

The participant will learn to see their inclination on different paths and what are the challenges present on those paths.

The participants will learn to observe and understand problems present in today’s society through a scientific attitude and how to work for the problem individually and collectively in a more effective way.

It is assumed that a better equipped person will transform this knowledge into increasing efficiency in any work. This can be measured both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Finally people who understood meaning of their life and driven by a mission are an asset for themselves, their family and the society.