During 2 nd wave of covid, our country was unprepared and lost many lives. People from all strata were affected causing much grief, pain and feeling of helplessness due to overwhelming number of serious patients. People were not getting hospital beds and oxygen became scarce. These lead to panic like situation in our beloved country and many people died ,death of many among them could have been easily prevented.

We tried studying all factors leading to this huge number of deaths. This study helped us understand that inability to know the danger signs during covid disease and late referral were two main cause which lead to such high number of deaths.

We decided to not let our guards down and keep us ready for any potential third wave.
We develooed a unique Screening Tool which categories covid patient in Green, Yellow and Red zone. This is a simple tool which enables village health workers or health volunteers to know that which person can get serious based on few parameters and advice them to get referred early. This early referral can save many lives.

We are now training Mitanins , Anganwadi workers , Youth volunteers , Health Volunteers accross Chattisgarh and outside the state for covid preprerdeness for any potential 3 rd wave and also distributing this Screening Tool for strengthening the knowledge and decision making of Village health workers.
We thank our main partner- Sochara , for all the support.
We also thank many other parters and well wishers who are facilitating us in this endeavour for covid preprerdeness of ground level health workers and volunteers.

If you feel your organization or health workers/volunteers should also be trained and prepared for covid 3 rd wave , please let us know. We can arrange their trainings and also provide screening tool for them. Together we all can defeat covid and save many lives.

Contact – Dr Priyadarsh. 8788915752.

(Partners and support organisations – AID US , Miseror , Zoefrnds, MGIMS aluminies , Surajpur Administration , Chetana Foundation , Goonj , Helpage India , Sathi, etc. )