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“I discovered some corner of my inner self”

My experience with GTP-part 1 was really amazing.

At first when I decided to attend the camp, every single friend of mine made me realize that I was taking a stunt clearly, because attending a camp for a week just before university examination was not less than a mad decision.

Even the 1st day session was not that much useful for me, but gradually I felt a sense of belonging there like I was really special and people wanted me to be there, of course credit of this feeling goes to the lovely people I found there.

During some sessions, I discovered some corner of my inner self which I never gave a thought about, especially the transactional analysis part. And I am definitely going to apply it practically.

The best part was “social media detox”.

We were simply allowed to use mobile phones for half an hour a day and not more than that. At first, it was difficult, but gradually I adapted myself and learnt how to complete all important tasks in that half an hour. In just 2 days I learnt -making 2-3 Important calls, checking important mails and replying important messages in just half an hour. Surprisingly, this habit built in 7 days is helping me during my exam preparation days. The contents I was consuming on a regular basis as an excuse for entertainment are not attractive to me anymore. I am finding them irrelevant now.

And at last, I gained some social connections among which some are there who helped me to grow, and some are there who need my help to grow.


MBBS Student, Orissa

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