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Kavi Pradhan

“Living with bunch of strangers and learning the new things every day”

My name is Kavi Pradhan.

I’m from jashpur nagar chhattisgarh. Recently I have attended a camp named GTP organized by Yumetta foundation.

I wanted to share my experience here about the camp. The camp was one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced. Living with a bunch of strangers and learning new things every day. They make the environment so friendly that we don’t miss our Home at all. Every day they come up with an interesting topic to discuss and learn. To see the facts, we aren’t generally not able to see. Especially to the mentors, they are the most genuine and lovely people I have come across.

Overall, everything about the GTP Camp was an unforgettable experience. The Yumetta family won’t leave anybody after one camp because they become a part of our family. They will give you the happiest memory of your life.

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