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Sreenu Saji Kumar

“Find deep meaning on small issues”

Hello! I am Sreenu Saji Kumar aka Parth and I am pursuing Engineering from Durg(C.G)

GTP CAMP (Journey inwards) is quite a unique experience I had in recent years…summing up in 3 points

  1. I reaffirmed my individuality. I used to strive to be liked by other people. During this session I realized I can be very “me” and still mix in.
  2. Find deep meaning on small issues. I never thought a certain layman word “Breakup” can aback me with its simplistic complexity. I then realized words do have power. During this camp I got the tools on how to define it.
  3. Being a city guy, I have never experienced rural life and much closer natural contact. Life is beautiful in its simplicity. Rural life is much simpler. That’s how privileged I am.

Gtp camp is a must for individuals who want a new direction in life. I lived every moment in the camp…

That’s my experience, in an antipodean way…

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